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Fortis Lettings and Management specialise in delivering a traditional lettings service, which meets the needs of the buy-to-let student property investor.

Each property is let and managed by our experienced team of agents, providing a professional service with a personal approach.

In addition,we collect and pay service charge bills on behalf of leasehold clients - to ensure each investment is as 'hands-off' as possible.

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A dedicated marketing team advertise each property through the sub-brand Fortis Student Living.

Although managed individually, all properties are marketed collectively through a multi-platform approach.

This approach allows Fortis Lettings and Management access to significant marketing platforms such as UCAS, RIGHTMOVE and UNIVERSITY ADVERTISING.

The buying power generated through our model allows each buy-to-let landlord to list their properties, alongside the largest names in the industry.

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An experienced team of student accommodation marketers arrange campaigns in sync with the annual academic year.

Four campaign schedules run throughout the academic year, targeting specific audiences in each campaign. A strategic approach refined through years of analysis.

The campaigns are developed on the back of a massive market research piece, which is distributed freely to our landlords each year. 

Such research will also determine rental rates, which are set with a medium-term approach to your property investment. We understand the impact a yield can have on an investment property capital value!

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All our properties are listed on the "MyFortis" online portal, which allows tenants to book properties instantaneously.

This software has a significant impact on our client base and has contributed to a 60% international student population in our properties, who can book in any timezone - 24/7!

Online rental payments are also facilitated to ensure rental income is collected in the most efficient way possible.

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