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Who is Fortis Student Living?

Your leasehold is managed through Fortis Lettings and Management who, along with Fortis Estate Management, operate the brand Fortis Student Living.

Who is Fortis Estate Management?

Your freehold is managed by Fortis Estate Management.

How do I know when my unit is let to a student?

Please call our lettings department on +44 (0)161 924 3868 if you would like to know the lettings status of your property. They will be able to provide details including contract length, weekly rental payments and projected gross rental income.

What is the standard contract length for a student?

Our booking system allows students to book a 44 or 51-week contract. Should a student wish to book a different number of weeks, they can do so providing they wish to stay a minimum of 44 weeks.

How does a student book a property?

Students can book via our online portal MyFortis. Rooms are allocated at random, based on the ‘room type’ they select. Should a student request a specific room number, for example they have visited the property for a viewing and wish to book the unit they viewed, our lettings team will allocate the requested room after their initial payment has been made.

Can a non-student rent my property?

Fortis Lettings and Management do not offer full-length contracts to non-students. However, if your unit has been let on a 44-week contract, we offer short-term lets to both students and non-students over the summer period.

How do you set the rents for students?

Fortis Lettings and Management conduct annual market research, which, along with other factors including occupancy rates, determine rental rates for the following academic year. Our annual market research and set rental prices are distributed to our landlords.

Can I visit my unit?

Leaseholders are welcome to visit the building to meet with our site staff and view your property. We prefer to arrange these visits during holiday periods to avoid disturbance to the students, as 24-hour notice to the tenant is required. Please contact our lettings department if you would like to visit your property.

When will I receive rental income for my property?

Fortis Lettings and Management account for rental income quarterly in arrears. If your property is let for the academic year, your first rental income will be made on the 30th November. Fortis deduct relevant amounts for service charge and lettings and management fees before remittance of rental income is sent.

What happens if my unit is not let for the academic year?

Leaseholders will be notified in October should they not have a full-length contract for the academic year. Fortis Lettings and Management will continue to advertise the building, with the aim of letting your unit for the maximum number of weeks possible

What should I do if I wish to sell my unit?

Fortis Lettings and Management are unable to sell units on behalf of the leaseholder. Various sales agents are available in the market, and we can recommend names if necessary.  

What should I do if I wish to use a different lettings agent?

Leaseholders are free to use alternative lettings agents for their property. Please contact our lettings department should you wish to use a different lettings agent.