Fortis Lettings & Management

Fortis Lettings & Management Ltd currently lets and manages over 1500 properties across the UK on the behalf of investors and landlords.

When you appoint Fortis Lettings & Management Ltd to manage your investment property you can relax knowing that your designated management team is organised, purpose-trained and fully conversant with all the relevant legislation.

The client orientated approach has helped the company grow massively since its creation in 2013.


“ Staying in accommodation which has such helpful staff is essential. Not only does it make you feel more at home, it means we never have a problem that can't be solved quickly. ” - Laura Shields (Student)
“ My investment portfolio has always required me to deal with many lettings and management companies, and the quality of service I have had from Fortis is right up there with the best. ” - Pete Thompson (Investor)